This is a note about the story that I shared with family & friends -

"The novel, Taken Identity, is a spy-story intertwined with friendships, action, some humor, occasional silliness and, hopefully to the reader, a good deal of intrigue."

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Imagine a president embroiled in scandal, an opposition party frothing at the mouth with his impending resignation or conviction, and the only thing standing between the other guys and the White House is the vice-president.  Now imagine the remnants of a war thought long over that has at least one more battle to be waged.  That is the premise of Taken Identity, the story of life-long friends trying to right a wrong, and prevent a disaster.  From Washington to Maine to Europe and beyond, Taken Identity follows the course of events that puts the president in a precarious position and his most trusted advisors in the role of human shield. The relationships within the circle of friends, at times, are forced to withstand the most brutal of beatings.  From high-tech to old fashioned footwork and know-how, Taken Identity introduces you to a by-the-people, for-the-people White House and an extended circle of aides who strive, like all of us, to adhere to the letter of the law, but sometimes are forced to bend it.  It’s easy to do the right thing, but much harder to do the wrong things for the right reasons.